Dear Diary!

Via Maqueda, Palermo

Dear Diary!

Am I a migrant? What is the difference between me and a Palermitan?

Do I know them well or did I understand them well?

I like them?

I think yes, I think Ibrahim, Mamadou, Giorgi, Daniel, Pooja, me and the others….

What do I think for example about Enrico IV. or Lear King?

Differently, but in total we liked them…. both of them!

I think they enlightened the hardest questions of our life. No ones life is easy now. Sometimes we want or need to leave our homes, Or we need to pretend we are someone else. But I think I never pretend , or maybe I am…. or I just don’t realize it?


Who I am?

So dear Diary…. as you already understood today I was again in a meeting of Blitz…..Blitz has a project called Diverse Visioni. This project gives a platform to the different views of a theater performances. It is a long term project which brings closer the sphere of theater to youths with different backgrounds and origin. The Blitz supported by Moltivolti and collaborates with the Artemigrante and Teatro Biondo Palermo. After every performance of Biondo Theater we have discussions, we are always sharing and discovering each other’s points of views about the performances. And we understand how amazing is to have as different opinions as much we are and to be part of a diverse world. A diverse world of theater...


Amici di Diverse Visioni

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